What We Do

LTB Entertainment prides itself on creating new opportunities in live entertainment. Matching brands with artists and audiences is our main goal in order to create valuable connections in the events we produce. From small scale venues to larger one, LTB’s expertise in integrating branding messages in live music environmentsis proven and unparalleled.

Our Services

  • Event Production

    Produce, finance and market live entertainment experiences with a concentration on concerts and entertainment based events.

  • Talent Management

    Help create and maintain successful careers for musicians by managing all areas of an artist's career including album selection, tour management, target demographic, and branding.

  • Merchandising

    Manage and create artist based merchandise by assisting with design, marketing, budgeting and branding allowing the artist to concentrate on what’s most important, the music.

  • App Creation

    Develop software and applications that can be used within the touring industry . This includes ticket purchasing, fan club programs, and upcoming events.

  • Resource Management

    Manage resources in the most efficient way possible. Through our rich network and relationships, we have access to resources for a fraction of the cost.

  • Talent Buying

    Through our extensive network and long-standing relationship with artist managers and booking agents, we field inquiries from local and touring acts, and buy according to venue & event size & logistics. Our past successes and reputation give us a sizeable advantage over our competitors.

  • Video & Photography

    Our team of experienced and skilled photographers, videographers and editors are seasoned in live event coverage. We offer a complete range of audio visual and easily scalable services to suit our clients’ needs.

  • Social Media

    Social Media influences more than 50% of purchases by millennial consumers and has forever changed the way successful brands market and promote products. Our team has created a network of social media influencers with a reach of more than 30 million people and the ability to take anything viral.

Charity Mission:

Our mission is to help transform the learning experience for all students by connecting them to celebrities, entrepreneurs, politicians, sports figures and leaders through our enrichment program. Our model brings professionals and celebrities into the classroom to discuss their academic and career experiences. These visits create a forum for students to learn, engage, and analyze the academic and career path of their role models. The goal is for the students to excel academically, become more confident, and develop a greater appreciation for their academic poten8al as they pursue their dreams!

Our Clients